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Top 10 Home Improvement Ideas to Impress Friends and Family

Your home is your sanctuary and projects who you are, your sense of style and level of sophistication. Make a statement!! Here's a list of some simple home improvement projects that will make your home more beautiful and have everyone talking.

Add Exterior & Interior Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a feature that makes a massive difference and impresses everyone. You can Illuminate attractive landscaping, beautiful architecture, pathways and driveways. Improve curb appeal easily and quickly. Indoor lighting adds ambiance and mood to uninteresting spaces. Definitely worth the investment.


Do something that you'll appreciate every time you drive up. Add gardens, flowers, shrubbery and stone or brick walls. This will help define property lines and create structure and definition to a well maintained lawn.

Replace Windows

Adding energy efficient windows can greatly reduce utility bills during the summer and winter months. Installing energy-efficient, high-quality windows will improve your homes value, aesthetic appearance and curb appeal.

Adding or Replacing Interior Molding & Exterior trim

There are many different types of interior molding that will change boring walls into something of beauty and interest. Replace old rotten or weather torn exterior trim and add a fresh coat of paint. You will be amazed at the difference for minimal investment.

Update Kitchen Hardware

Changing out old hardware and faucets is a very quick, simple and inexpensive upgrade that will make a significant difference. There are many choices today to get the look you want.

Update Cabinets & Countertops

The ultimate would be a full or partial kitchen remodel, but if that's not an option, simply updating your cabinets and countertops will make a massive difference every time you enter your kitchen or bathroom and for a fraction of the cost. Did I mention doing this will also increase your homes value? Come visit our showroom and speak with our in-house designer who will consult with you about your options and provide a visual rendering that will show your new kitchen after the updates. Life will never be the same.

Tile/retile Your Backsplash

Your kitchen is an opportunity to make the biggest impression. Adding or changing the backsplash behind your stove and any other areas you have tile will create a magical space for you. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern or contemporary look, we can help make it happen. There are many different types of tiles, colors and patterns to choose from. Lets go over some options.

Replace Flooring

Flooring can make a huge difference. Today there are many options to choose from, LVP, LVT, Tile, Hardwoods, etc. Give us a call and we'll explain.

Replacing Doors

Old doors can really make your house seem dated. This is another simple, inexpensive fix whether you're just replacing the front door or all your interior doors this option will have high impact. Impress your neighbors and friends with this simple fix. Adding this to your projects list will surely make a difference.

Freshen Up Old or Outdated Paint

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to immediately improve your homes appearance is with a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Let us get you an estimate.

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