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Bathrooms are a place of solitude. They are that oasis in your home where you begin your day with an invigorating shower and wind down at night with a sudsy soak. Leaky plumbing, an outdated design and worn-out finishes can make your bathroom uninviting at best, and costly to maintain at worst. If your bathroom fails to deliver as your private sanctuary or even in its basic operation, you should start searching for abathroom renovation contractor for a bathroom remodel. 

Remodel Bathroom

Your search for bathroom remodel contractors that can bring form and function together ends here. At Handy Dads Home Remodeling, we provide bathroom remodels that protect our clients' investments by updating outdated plumbing and fixtures while creating a luxurious space to start and end the long day. 


We apply a tried and tested 5-step process to all our bathroom remodels:

  1. We visit your home to develop as-is drawings showing the space in its current state

  2. We consult with you to discover your wish list, budget, ideas, and any constraints that need to be considered

  3. We meet to go over our gorgeous 3-D renderings showing the re-imagined space in full color

  4. We deliver the scope and pricing showing detailed costs and materials to be used

  5. Finally, you’ll meet with your project manager who will answer any questions and get your project underway


The answer to your search for expert bathroom remodeling companies is right here. Handy Dads Home Remodeling has the expertise to help you envision, design and build a bathroom that works for you. Whether you want to update your daily experience with a shower remodel, start from scratch with a full bathroom renovation or get the most out of a limited amount of space with a small bathroom remodel, Handy Dads Home Remodeling will be with you every step of the way. 

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