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Nothing quickly transforms a room or house like fresh paint. Interior paint has the power to refresh, clean up, and update any room of the house with relative ease. Exterior paint can turn the outdated to new, giving your metro Atlanta home curb appeal and a modern look.

Many homeowners take on house painting projects on their own, however having an experienced professional paint the interior or exterior of your house can be well worth the cost, and time savings. Professional painters, like Handy Dads Home Remodeling, have the equipment, tools, and skills to deliver a high quality result.

interior/exterior painting

From preparing the surface appropriately to applying the right kind of paint with the correct brush, using a house painting professional ensures a better outcome. Leaving these decisions to the clerk at your local home improvement store can have costly consequences. Whether you need to paint cabinets, exterior brick, trim, or walls, using materials that will perform for your particular project is critical for a lasting, excellent result.

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