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If you're just beginning your project research it's a good idea to start by gathering some basic information, including potential costs, which can vary greatly. Projects at Handy Dads Home Remodeling generally range from $2,000 to $1,000,000. Considering costs early will help with making decisions such as determining project size/scope, selecting products and materials and choosing your start date. The TRUE COST GUIDE below from HomeAdvisor will point you in the right direction and get you started with cost estimating. By doing some simple research, you'll be able to plan and budget for your upcoming project.

Please read carefully before completing the form below:  We're happy to meet with you to discuss your project and provide a thorough estimate, however we ask that you think through the items below prior to scheduling an appointment to allow us to use our time more efficiently and to serve you better.  

  • Please have a general idea of project costs using the TRUE COST GUIDE above or other applicable method

  • Have a budget in mind sufficient to cover the expected costs

  • Attempt to obtain a copy of your survey or plat if your job is large and likely to require permitting

  • Have a preferred start date within 45 days 

Thank you for your cooperation and we're excited to get your project underway :)

Please Note:  We are happy to consider all projects, however those associated with insurance claims are treated similarly to all other projects requiring payment in full by homeowner.  We will complete all necessary paperwork required by contractor to facilitate your reimbursement.  


New home construction and very large projects may incur a small fee for time and resources required to provide a thorough estimate. You will be notified prior to start if a fee is necessary.